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depression comic

Here’s some concept art for the short film I’m working on.

Next step: Turning this into a miniature set! 

Drew a self portrait today. 
What are YOU made of, fellow humans?

general public looking at famous people: “Look at them! Look at what they’ve achieved, such talent. Amazing. They realized their dream and they went for it. Dream big! Follow your heart! Shoot for the stars!” 

General public looking at non famous people trying to live off of art: “Ok great, if you want to live like a hippy go for it. You should just get a job and focus on your future though, instead of these hobbies. That’s great you want to pursue whatever ‘this’ is but you know, make money now. Today. Whats your back up? Dreams are what you do when you are asleep. Do what you have to to make money. Shoot for whats right in front of you.”

So I am going to be starting work on a new short film! I will be really busy with it, so I won’t be able to update this blog much, but will try and post the occasional art pieces every now and again